Refund Policy for

Effective date: 11th November 2023

At ZODOR, we want to provide clarity regarding our refund policy. Please be advised that, with limited exceptions, we do not offer refunds for services provided on our tokenization platform (the "Platform"). By using the Platform, you acknowledge and accept our "No Refund Policy."

1. Token Purchases

ZODOR does not provide refunds for the purchase of digital tokens or other digital assets on the Platform. Transactions on the blockchain are typically irreversible. Once a transaction is confirmed, it cannot be undone.

2. Tokenization Services

Refunds for tokenization services, including the creation of digital tokens or token sales, will not be granted. Our services are provided as described, and once initiated, the work involved is generally non-reversible.

3. Exceptions

ZODOR may, in its sole discretion, consider exceptions to this policy in extraordinary circumstances, such as fraud, gross errors, or other highly unusual situations.

4. Changes to this Policy

We may update this No Refund Policy to reflect any changes in our refund practices. Any significant changes to this policy will be communicated through the Platform or by other means.

5. Contact Information

If you have any questions or require further clarification regarding our No Refund Policy, please do communicate with us via our website and click the contact us page available. At ZODOR, we strictly do not offer refunds for services provided by us.